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It's Halloween tomorrow. It's my favorite holiday. Although, it… - Its All about me [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Oct. 30th, 2011|06:07 pm]
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[Current Location |Chaska, MN]
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It's Halloween tomorrow. It's my favorite holiday. Although, it seems the older I get the harder it is to get into the spirit of the season. October is becoming my least favorite month. It's the month that Eric died. It's the month Justin's Grandma died. A few of my other friends are dealing with death or near death of family members this month as well. I know that the vials are thin this time of year. It just seems, at times that they are almost to thin. Pay day came late because I messed up paperwork, when I thought all was going to be ok, I found that I messed up so badly that I had to four fit five of my paydays so Justin would get paid. So that just kinda sucks and I'm now dealing with a head cold from hell right now. So I had to cancel my plans for Halloween because I don't want to get my friends kids sick. So Jerid will be trick or treating tomorrow night with Justin, at the trailer park. I'm not curtain I should be handing out candy the way I'm feeling. I'm the only one in the family that's feeling like crap. Although it's not uncommon in my family for me to be the only one that is sick. Also people, vultures really, have been asking if the Carver house is for sale. Which is something we do not want. But now we found out that it is protocol put a property that is going through probate up for sale for ten days. (if there are no offers then they can't take the house away.) it just makes me want to cry that all we have worked for could be gone in an instant. (heavy sigh) I'm trying to convince our lawyer that since there is no lien on the house that we should talk to a judge, before we even go there. She isn't convinced. So we wait some more. I also found out that my entry to be in a book for this winter has been rejected. So I'm trying to hold on to the positive. Jerid is healthy. Justin is recording music and I have good friends and family who, at least like me. I'm still working hard on my Mastery of Knitting, even though I'm only half way done, I feel good about what I'm doing. I just have to get the rest of my life in order and prey that November is better. Happy Halloween everyone, enjoy it. It's still my favorite Holiday. Even when the month sucks.

[User Picture]From: gamerchick
2011-10-31 06:00 pm (UTC)
I'm really sorry that things have been difficult for you this month. You and your family are in my thoughts. Feel better soon! *hugs*
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