As time goes by.

As time goes by, life gets lived. Things you once thought of yourself gets put on a shelf and simply gets dusty. As you, yourself gets rusty and less agile. I love the spring it brings on the expectation of the new. Sun begins to shine the snow melts and the trees begin to bud, flowers bloom. Also for some (like me) almost a feeling of doom. The thoughts of what what hasn't happened yet start to creep in. I know the vale is thin in the spring, as much as it is in the fall. I experience this in the fall as well. Extreme feelings become evident. Spring brings on the wedding season. Justin and I tied the knot this spring, it was a highlight of this year. Following it came the lows. Thoughts of why am I here, what is my purpose in life. Also the budget for Jerid's CDSC plan was today. He is doing better. Which to say is very bitter sweet. You see the way the county sees it, if a disabled person is doing well, they need less money to keep them on the right track. It is the same logic of a construction foreman looking at a tall building with a great foundation, and saying "Okay it looks good, lets take two beams off the bottom, because the top looks good." That frustration aside, it's great he's progressed. Somehow my writing on my blog stopped with the the frustrations of the City of Carver and their need to make us leave our home so they can have a drunken party in front of our home. Which makes me wonder if our family matters in the world at all. I know something needs to change. I just don't know how. We can not (should not have to) move. I'm very much feeling that I am damned if I do and damned if I don't at this point. Looking back I don't think I was ever meant to have the future I dreamed about in my younger years. I know I am so lucky to have Jerid and Justin in my life, to have a roof over my head, as shop in my house and food for my family. I just wished I deserved it. I just wish I had a purpose in life, a direction. Something to contribute to society that made me feel like I belonged in it.

Summer Vacation is here

Wow, June 10! Time flies. Justin is working on his illustrations for the book he has written. I'm so proud of him.

Jerid is off of school, Jerid's last day of school was at Valley Fair. I wasn't impressed with how they treat their disabled guests. First off I would like to point out that if you have a PCA, Parra, or Support Staff to go with you for your day of fun to Valley Fair, they do not get in free, they are not discouted, full price or bust. (last year they were alloud to get in free, not this year) To establish that one of their patrons is disabled is frustrating enough they expected us after getting the proper paperwork taken care of they expected us to go back out side and wait in line to get in, when the pass allows the disabled party to bi-pass all lines. When argued with they seemed annoyed that we pointed it out but aloud us to bi-pass the line. Next on the sheet of paper the ride conductors are allowed to turn the disabled person away to come back at a different time. Most of these kids have to go against a crowd of people coming off the ride to get to the ride then after they are so close to the ride, are made to leave to come back 20 minutes later, WTF? My son is pretty easy going, but he's not above a tantrum hell at that point I'm not above having a tantrum. What difference does it make that a disabled person cut in line now or twenty minutes from now? So I'm warning all that want to go to Valley Fair who have a disabled child or client that it may not a good idea. Other wise we had a pretty good day.

So summer brake is here we are trying to establish a groove at home. School usually gives us a window of time without Jerid, so we can get the things Jerid hates to do, done without him. Summer does not allow such things to happen as easily. Before the start of the brake we had gotten the loan taken care of for a new roof. YaY! No word yet on a start date, but we did sign papers with dotted I's and crossed T's so we just have to rely on mother nature to have a few days without rain, because they put us on the list, the more clear days the closer and faster they can get to us on that list. I've been racking my brains to figure out what I'm doing for ConVergance this year. I'm thinking about making a quilt, don't know if it will be done by then but I'll be working a little bit on it day by day to see where it takes me by 4th of July weekend. Temperance Arts and Gifts now has an Etsy site! check it out, not much is there, ideas are always welcome.

Justin and I are hosting a house concert, The Feng Shui Ninjas, Beth Kinderman and the player Characters, possibly Candles Enough and Cheshire Moon. July 13,2013. In Carver MN. for more info check out, or check them out on Facebook.

Not much more to report. Thanks for reading.

Temperance Arts and Gifts (aka. T.A.G. or the Turn around spot)

For those who know me. Justin, Jerid and I have moved to Carver,MN. It is a big red house at the end of the main street (Turn around spot.) down by the dike and across from the old fire station. There has been quite of bit construction by the house, because they are replacing the old bridge nearly behind our house. The house has been in Justin's family for 5 generations (Jusin is the 5th) and it has been a hotel, a private residence with Dr's office, after the Dr's office closed it was just a private residence for quite some time (around 60 years) Owned by his Grandmother and Father. Now that Justin and I fought tooth and nail to live there,(Justin's dad had no Will) we have opened up our own shop where the Dr's office once was. The old hotel was called the Temperance Hotel when the house was built in 1856 and so to honor Justin's Great-Great-Grandparents we have named it the Temperance Arts and Gifts. (T.A.G.)
We are selling most things knit and crocheted. Some counted cross stitch items, and some odds and ends we don't want anymore, Cards, artwork, and CD's of Beth Kinderman and the Player Character's and Feng Shui Ninjas. Jerid seems to like it there and we do too.

(no subject)

Today is a good day. It has been one year today that Justin lost his father and he seems a little out sorts, but it's been good. Last few weeks have been nerve racking to say the least, but in a good way. We had to go to court which was to put Justin's fathers dept on the shoulders on Justin, so we can inherent the house in Carver. So now we are waiting for the confirmation papers so we can get a loan to pay off the dept (50 thousand dollars, eeeek!) so we can keep that very house, that has been in his family since the 1850's). It seems to be the hurry up and wait scenario, so we are biding our time and trying to find ways to quickly get rid of this dept. Even with all of this I have to say I'm looking forward to the move into Carver for so many reasons. (which I won't get into right now even though I could bore everyone to pieces as to why)

The good news that I will report. Jerid is doing well in the Special Olympics. Originally they were talking about only letting him swim in the 15 meter race, but are now thinking he can do the 25 meter instead. I'm so proud of him. We are thinking of sighing him up for track and field in the spring as well.

I also would like to congratulate my friends Beth and Eric (you know who you are) on bringing a new little person in the world. The best of luck to you both.

Writer's Block: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

What is your dream for your children?

This seems like a hard one for me to answer, to tell you the truth my dream for my child has changed through the years. When I was pregnant my dream was for a healthy and happy future. After he was born and the diaphragmatic hernia happened and I learned that not many survive that kind of trauma. My dream was life. After he survived, my dream was normalcy. When that didn't happen, my dream was just for happiness. That is what I'm holding on to, at currant point. Happiness. I try not to dream much more than that these days, because life isn't always what we expect. Or dream about.

(no subject)

It's Halloween tomorrow. It's my favorite holiday. Although, it seems the older I get the harder it is to get into the spirit of the season. October is becoming my least favorite month. It's the month that Eric died. It's the month Justin's Grandma died. A few of my other friends are dealing with death or near death of family members this month as well. I know that the vials are thin this time of year. It just seems, at times that they are almost to thin. Pay day came late because I messed up paperwork, when I thought all was going to be ok, I found that I messed up so badly that I had to four fit five of my paydays so Justin would get paid. So that just kinda sucks and I'm now dealing with a head cold from hell right now. So I had to cancel my plans for Halloween because I don't want to get my friends kids sick. So Jerid will be trick or treating tomorrow night with Justin, at the trailer park. I'm not curtain I should be handing out candy the way I'm feeling. I'm the only one in the family that's feeling like crap. Although it's not uncommon in my family for me to be the only one that is sick. Also people, vultures really, have been asking if the Carver house is for sale. Which is something we do not want. But now we found out that it is protocol put a property that is going through probate up for sale for ten days. (if there are no offers then they can't take the house away.) it just makes me want to cry that all we have worked for could be gone in an instant. (heavy sigh) I'm trying to convince our lawyer that since there is no lien on the house that we should talk to a judge, before we even go there. She isn't convinced. So we wait some more. I also found out that my entry to be in a book for this winter has been rejected. So I'm trying to hold on to the positive. Jerid is healthy. Justin is recording music and I have good friends and family who, at least like me. I'm still working hard on my Mastery of Knitting, even though I'm only half way done, I feel good about what I'm doing. I just have to get the rest of my life in order and prey that November is better. Happy Halloween everyone, enjoy it. It's still my favorite Holiday. Even when the month sucks.

Writer's Block: Are you afraid of the dark?

When was the last time you were frightened out of your wits? Spooky stories welcome!

Not many know this, well they will now. I was afraid of the dark for many years. It started with a house we lived in when I was four years old. The house was old and had bats that lived in the walls. Also my when my brother found out that the lady that lived there before died in the room that was mine at the time. So I was always hearing things at night. That was when my dad invested in a night light. I used that night light till I was 15 years old. I'm thinking I didn't feel safe until that point.

Writer's Block: Desert island

List three books that have changed your life:

The first book is "White Fang" by; Jack London. It was the first book that I read for School that I truely enjoyed. I was giving a abridged version of it to read, and found that there was a copy of the full book at home and I requested to read it on my own along with the abridged version for extra credit. I was well worth the read.

The second book is, "The Forgotten Door" by: Alexander Key. It, again, was a school assignment but once I started to read it I couldn't put it down. It was the first book I read all the way threw in one day, since I'm dyslexic that is saying something.

Book number three is a toss up. Margret Mitchelles "Gone With the Wind" Which is the first (and only) book that I read that was over one-thousand pages or Alexandra Riply's "Scarlett the sequil to Margret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind". Which I read first before "Gone with the Wind" I read it after I saw the movie. Apon reading it, I descovered that I missed alot, not reading the first book so I finished reading "Scarlett" then I picked up "Gone with the Wind" and when I finished it, I read Scarlett (which it the first book over six-hundred pages that I read twice).

So those are my choices, I hope some of you try and and enjoy them too!

Writer's Block: Take Two

In the next life, who or what do you think you’ll be reincarnated into?

In my next life, I most likely will be human again. Having memories of my past lives, I could only conclude that I would be human. Entill I get it right. Then who knows what will happen then.
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