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Temperance Arts and Gifts (aka. T.A.G. or the Turn around spot) [Sep. 14th, 2012|02:27 pm]
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[Current Location |Carver Minnesota]
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[Current Music |Major Tom, by Beth Kinderman and the Player Characters]

For those who know me. Justin, Jerid and I have moved to Carver,MN. It is a big red house at the end of the main street (Turn around spot.) down by the dike and across from the old fire station. There has been quite of bit construction by the house, because they are replacing the old bridge nearly behind our house. The house has been in Justin's family for 5 generations (Jusin is the 5th) and it has been a hotel, a private residence with Dr's office, after the Dr's office closed it was just a private residence for quite some time (around 60 years) Owned by his Grandmother and Father. Now that Justin and I fought tooth and nail to live there,(Justin's dad had no Will) we have opened up our own shop where the Dr's office once was. The old hotel was called the Temperance Hotel when the house was built in 1856 and so to honor Justin's Great-Great-Grandparents we have named it the Temperance Arts and Gifts. (T.A.G.)
We are selling most things knit and crocheted. Some counted cross stitch items, and some odds and ends we don't want anymore, Cards, artwork, and CD's of Beth Kinderman and the Player Character's and Feng Shui Ninjas. Jerid seems to like it there and we do too.