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Writer's Block: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day [Jan. 16th, 2012|12:32 pm]
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What is your dream for your children?

This seems like a hard one for me to answer, to tell you the truth my dream for my child has changed through the years. When I was pregnant my dream was for a healthy and happy future. After he was born and the diaphragmatic hernia happened and I learned that not many survive that kind of trauma. My dream was life. After he survived, my dream was normalcy. When that didn't happen, my dream was just for happiness. That is what I'm holding on to, at currant point. Happiness. I try not to dream much more than that these days, because life isn't always what we expect. Or dream about.

[User Picture]From: gamerchick
2012-01-16 06:47 pm (UTC)
I can see how that would be a hard question to answer. By the way, you should know that you ended up with a really awesome kid. (c:
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